About The Brand

bridgeur is a global contemporary womenswear brand made for the unapologetically fashionable #bridgeurBoss. We cater to the needs and preferences of different customers by marketing our brand under two differentiated labels.

bridgeur Signature garments include our patented signature print that depicts Aequitas (the latin concept of justice, equality and fairness) holding a balance scale and cornucopia, signifying that the world will flourish in abundance when both male and female have equal rights and opportunities. 

bridgeur On-Demand launches new styles every week, but operates an on-demand production model, so we only produce the number of garments that we sell, with predominantly recycled fabrics. 

A portion of bridgeur company profits are donated to our founder's non-profit, The EssBee Foundation, to fund tertiary education for girls from underrepresented backgrounds, therefore reducing the prominent gender inequality gap.